3D and 2D Illustration

Through the years we have created quite a diverse portfolio of 3D projects, everything from creating cartoon characters, architectural renderings, design elements, 3d logos and yes even the Titanic. Below you will see some of the diverse projects that 3Dcubed worked on in the past year.


We have worked on illustrating everything from characters for an up coming kids television series to 26 educational book series. These projects are a true passion of ours and we would love to work on your next illustration.



We have been around for awhile and created several branding campaigns for our clients. Sometimes it's working in conjunction with their marketing director or they give us the ball and let us run with it. Here are a few projects we've done through the years.

Animation & Visula Effects

We are an award winning company that strives to create stunning visual effects while remaining inside your budget. 3Dcubed specialize in creating FX for the marketing industry, whether it's for television commercials or on-line social media campaigns. Some of the projects that we have worked on has been creating stunning underwater shots of the Titanic, having a Southwest plane take off at an airport,  to close up shots of a neon sign right before it blows up.