The Woods



The first in our series of hand-drawn whimsical outdoor elements. The Woods collection,, includes, 3 very gorgeous tree stumps that are saturated with its own character, several original planks of wood and posts to build your own one of a kind sign, 2 thick logs that have ample space for your logo or text, a glamorous tree fully covered in leaves with exposed roots, one 3 sided badge or the beginning of the next great outdoors logo, 3 thin logos that match the badge and for fun one short cut of a log. This set is ideal for branding, children's book illustrations or what ever your heart desires.


•  1 ESP vector file with all of the elements

•  19 PNG format with transparent background


The following is not permitted


To sell the graphics as a product "as is" or as clipart.


To sell the clipart on editable templates (digital or print) for sale. They may only be used where the artwork is fixed. This doesn't include templates where the artwork is fixed but the text is editable. For example, you are allowed to create an invitation template where the artwork is fixed on a layer and the text is editable to the customer on a separate layer.


End Products must not redistribute the original Item to any third parties in a manner that allows for the extraction of the original Item.