The Adventures of

Marco Polo



Pamela K. Critchfield Marketing partnered with us to create a branding campaign for the “Adventures of Marco Polo” show using the exquisite artistic style of Cirque du Soleil.   Our goal was to create a sense of mystery that would intrigue an audience with the mystical and exotic components portrayed in this theatrical production.  After the logo was developed, our creative team worked on multiple designs until they finally proposed their idea with a series of concept art examples. We immediately went to work by producing and directing the photo shoot which included scouting the area, choice on costume design and even, directing and shooting the photos. Then, we took the project into the studio, where our graphic artists mixed the photos with other design elements. We manipulated the photo of Marco Polo standing on the rock cliff overlooking the local landscape with another photograph of a Chinese landscape by blended them into one seamless photo.  Once the branding was complete, we went to work producing numerous forms of advertising from web design and other web banner ads, to billboards, brochures, rackcard, banners, stand-ups, posters, a variety of ads and countless other media forms.  The “mysterious eye” quickly captivated a diverse audience.  This intriguing element stirred enthusiasm with the locals and curiosity with the tourists.  Through market research we have found that many of the tourists interested in the Marco Polo show had made a reference to the “mysterious eye” as the questioned local workers about the show.