The Grand Village


 When the marketing director for Green Courte Partners hired us to develop a re-branding campaign for The Grand Village Shops, we immediately went to the creative table.  Our first task was the redesigning of their logo by finding an element that would visually connect the property to the Corporate ID.  The focal element we chose for the new logo was the iconic clock tower located in the center of The Grand Village Shops.

    Once the new logo was approved, we began focusing on two different ad campaigns targeting middle-aged families.  With research and a little creativity, we decided that bringing a “magical disney” feel to the property would catch a lot of attention.  We approached the “Regular Season” campaign with this idea by focusing on a mom and daughter excursion; enjoying a fun-filled day shopping at The Grand Village.  We also incorporated more pictures depicting the beauty of the property and enhancing that “magical world” feel.

    The “Christmas Season” campaign retained that “magical world” feeling by focusing on Santa with snowflakes and glittering snow.  Consistency was essential in the development of the two ad campaigns with the Christmas commercial spot by using Santa, the same mom and daughter, along with the snowflakes and glittering snow provided by special effects.

    With these two campaigns, revenue numbers have soared and The Grand Village has become the most successful of the Green Courte Partners properties.