Fuddlebrook School Science Series

After suddenly loosing their illustrator, Creative 3  approached us to complete their Fuddlebrook School Science Series which consisted of 26 children's books and a teacher's manual.  With a short deadline, we put our nose to the grindstone to get these books to the printer in time.  We tweaked the already existing characters and then illustrated a few of our own.  Backgrounds and other objects had to be created as well, but once our lead illustrator received approval, the inking and scanning began.  Next, our team began the layout process.  After the layout of the book was completed, our color and shading artists brought these black and white illustrations to life.  When the final edits were approved, we sent the files to the printer and our friends over at Creative 3 had books in time to present at their first scheduled event.


"Jesse and his team at 3D Cubed have been awesome to work with. They are flexible and very responsive to deadlines on projects both big and small. We've worked as a team, with none of the "creative power struggles" that sometimes can occur. They really want to please. They have gone above and beyond on the projects/illustrative work they have done for us. We will (and have) used 3D Cubed again."


"Kudos to the whole 3D Cubed team!"

Sherry Cook, Managing Partner  |  Creative3, LLC  |  The Quirkles/Fuddlebrook School Science Series