Sparky the Trolley


     The Historic Downtown Branson’s Community Improvement District and Digital Lunchbox partnered with us in a marketing effort to boost tourism in the historic downtown area.  The CID’s marketing strategy included implementing a free trolley system to shuttle visitors throughout the downtown area.  As the visitors enjoyed a free ride, a 7 minute video narrated by a “pixar” styled character would encourage them to patronize local shops of interest. Of course we accepted the challenge with great enthusiasm and immediately dove into the project with character development.

     The Pixar film, Cars, became our inspiration and a trolley appeared to be the perfect solution.  Once the idea of a trolley was agreed upon, concept sketches played a huge role in defining the look and personality of “Sparky”.  These sketches provided the initial details that could easily be altered by the client before the actual 3-D modeling began.

     The completion of 2-D Sparky brought us into our second phase of development.  With over fifty hours of modeling, texturing, rigging and lighting, Sparky’s personality began to take shape. Since Sparky was an anthropomorphic cartoon, (non-human), we knew the biggest bulk of his communication process would stream from his facial features so we dedicated several man hours to his facial construction.

    The final phase of Sparky’s development came with the animation process.  Several hours went into developing the phonical lip motions along with the many other facial and body movements that brought Sparky to life.

 The trolley campaign has been a successful marketing plan for the CID with high approval ratings from both vendors and tourists.  This was our goal.  This is still our goal; to provide our clients with high quality services that help make them successful.



Trilakes Ford

We were thrilled when DL Media asked us to join their team to produce a new ad campaign for Tri-Lakes Ford. DL Media provided us with a concept sketch of “Roger” but left “Trila Kay” in our hands.  We began this campaign by converting the concept sketch of “Roger” into a fully 3-D animated character.  Once “Roger” was approved, we began the character development of “Trila Kay”.

    Developing “Trila Kay” started when our creative director listened to the voice over and decided that this pampered dog should be a small, Chihuahua.  They began the initial sketches and designed the overly large head of “Trila Kay” to match her copartner, “Roger”.  After these two characters were modeled, textured and rigged, we were handed the script and the long process of animation began.

    We are pleased to announce that the Roger and Trila Kay campaign has been extremely successful for our client and our company.  Their first campaign year grossed their highest revenue percentages while the ad campaign has won several media and animation awards bringing success and recognition to DL Media and 3-D Cubed.


Summer Winds Resort


    Summer Winds Resort Services contacted us in regards to their 2-D web mascot and asked us to give him a 3-D make-over.  Their goals for the 3-D character included the look of “BOB” from the movie, Monsters vs. Aliens.  Unfortunately, BOB was a multi-million dollar character due to the bone structure and texturing.  However, we were able to come up with an alternative to meet their goals and especially, their budget.

    Originally, “Bob” was created for web purposes, but since the 3-D, fully animated version, he will be implemented in various forms of media.



Titanic Museum Attraction


  This 3-D model of the Titanic was created for Cedar Bay Entertainment as an interactive demonstration to display within one of their museums.  The initial concept idea was created by our staff and pitched to the client.

  Once the client agreed to the idea, we opened ourselves to client participation and direction.  In order to achieve the desired goals, we decided that historical accuracy should play a significant role in the development of this project. Using the combined efforts of historical documentation and photos along with the collaboration of a historical advisor, we were able to create an authentic 3-D replica of the Titanic.

 Our team invested over 130 hours in this project and it shows right down to the nuts and bolts.  Visitors to the exhibit are able to explore the Titanic from the observation deck to the exact number of rivets located on the haul of the ship.


 3-D Cubed worked closely with International client, Mike Bannerman, with his new project in children’s programming, The Tools.  We were able to help him develop and refine 13 different characters ranging from the basic paint brush to human characters.

 With the rough sketches provided by Mike, we were able to produce the concept art of these characters in their 2-D state.  In order to achieve this goal, we had to “get to know” each character’s disposition so that we could effectively bring out the different personality traits of each individual toon.  These traits ranged from happy, grumpy, angry, serious, carefree and a variety of other emotional behaviors and mannerisms.

 Our staff genuinely feels fortunate for the opportunity to become a part of this project, for it will bring joy and laughter to thousands of children around the world.


The Adventures of Marco Polo


    Pamela K. Critchfield Marketing partnered with us to create a branding campaign for the “Adventures of Marco Polo” show using the exquisite artistic style of Cirque du Soleil.   Our goal was to create a sense of mystery that would intrigue an audience with the mystical and exotic components portrayed in this theatrical production.

   After the logo was developed, our creative team worked on multiple designs until they finally proposed their idea with a series of concept art examples. We immediately went to work by producing and directing the photo shoot which included scouting the area, choice on costume design and even, directing and shooting the photos.

     Then, we took the project into the studio, where our graphic artists mixed the photos with other design elements. We manipulated the photo of Marco Polo standing on the rock cliff overlooking the local landscape with another photograph of a Chinese landscape by blended them into one seamless photo.

     Once the branding was complete, we went to work producing numerous forms of advertising from web design and other web banner ads, to billboards, brochures, rack cards, banners, stand-ups, posters, a variety of ads and countless other media forms.

     The “mysterious eye” quickly captivated a diverse audience.  This intriguing element stirred enthusiasm with the locals and curiosity with the tourists.  Through market research we have found that many of the tourists interested in the Marco Polo show had made a reference to the “mysterious eye” as the questioned local workers about the show.





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